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Meat Grinder Attachment - Family Grain Mill

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Meat Grinder Attachment - Family Grain Mill
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Meat Grinder Attachment - Family Grain Mill
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Quality: Manufactured in Germany for 35 years by Messerschmidt. Built with premium Lexan and hardened surgical steel burrs. This is a durable grain mill capable of a lifetime of dependable use. Adjustable from fine to coarse.

Easy Set up: Compact Storage: The grain mill will fit on either base with a twist of the wrist. The motor base is free-standing. The hand base quickly and securely clamps onto a counter edge, without slipping. marring your counter top. Easy to store in your without taking up much room.

Cool Grind: The mill steel burrs grind low temperature frictionless milling, avoiding the heat created by most grain mills, giving a true grind. Heat can destroy many of the nutrient in your flour.

Fast & Easy to Use: A cup of fine flour is produced in approximately one minute with the electric base and in just two minutes with the hand operated base. The hand operated base turn easily, even a child can turn. Large 5 cup open hopper for continues grinding.

Fast Cleanup - Dust Free - Quiet Family Grain Mill easily and quickly remove for cleaning. The Family Grain Mill is dust-free. The Family Grain Mill System is one of the quietest mills on the market.

Mills: Wheat, oat, corn, not popcorn) rye, spelt, kamut, barley, rice, peas, most beans, coffee, flax seeds, sesame seeds, most dried herbs, dried jalapeno's and other hot peppers and more.
The motorized base is powered by a Jupiter electric motor. The hand-held is powered by YOU! The hardened steel grinding cones in the grain mill will grind hard kernels of grain into the finest flour or you can easily change the setting to coarse meal or anything in between. The grain mill will consistently produce the finest of flour.

No other mill can match the quality.

Proven a best seller because of its simple, rugged, functional design, its reliability, and ease of use. Proven in hundreds of homes!

The grain mill will easily grind:


Dried Herbs
And More!

This Proven, rugged machine:

Quietly grinds (one of the quietest available

Easy adjust consistency with turn of knob

Low temperature frictionless milling

Will not produce dust

Easy to clean

Large 5 cup hopper means faster grinding

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