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Bosch Cookbook -

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Bosch Cookbook -
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Bosch Cookbook -

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This cookbook was created to inspire your senses.

The convenient, nutritious award-winning recipes featured in this book have been developed over many years bye BOSCH Kitchen Machine experts.

With the new Universal Plus and these delightful recipes, your senses will be treated to a new world of enjoyable cooking and healthly eating.

80 pages

Index Categories

  • Beverages
    Bora Bora 1
    Linda's Fruit Smoothie 1
    Berry Blast 2
    Orange Dream 2
    Mango Pineapple MoJo 3
    Marni's Fruit Smoothie 3
    Strawberry Peach Bananza 4
    Orange Julius 4
  • Breakfast Foods
    Crepes 5
    Crepes 6
    Wheat Blender Pancakes (Waffles) 7
    Whole Wheat Pancakes 7
    Five-Grain Pancake Mix 8
    Ian's Monster Muffins 9
    Quinoa Current Scones 10
    Breakfast Energy Bars 11
    Fruit Muffins 12
    Whole Grain Bagels 13
  • Appetizers
    Caroline's Quick Salsa 15
    Bruschetta 16
    Sesame Quinoa Crackers 17
    Sour Cream Chapatti 18
    Hasty Hots 18
    Sweet & Sour Meatballs 19
    Artichoke Dip 20
    Shrimp Filling / Dip 20
  • Breads
    Biscuits or Garlic Cheese Bisquits 21
    Maple Apple Oatmeal Bread 22
    Greg's Best Ever Whole Wheat Bread 23
    Braided Bread 24
    Bread Variations 25
    14 Grain Bread 27
    French Bread 28
    Barley/Whole Wheat Bread 29
    Brioche 30
    Roasted Garlic Focaccia 31
    Whole Wheat Pita Bread 32
    Christmas Anise Bread 33
    Lacey's Basic White Bread 34
    Soft & Satiny Whole Wheat Bread or rolls 35
    Nutritious White Cinnamon or Dinner Rolls 36
    Fantastic Cinnamon Rolls 37
    Eva's Rolls 38
    Orange Butterflake Rolls 39
    Creamy Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls 41
    Dorie's Crescent Rolls 43
    Whole Wheat Bread Bowls 44

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Alaskan Oatmeal Bread
Combine in Bosch mixing bowl and let set about 5 minutes.
Alaskan Oatmeal Bread
Blender Pancakes
Combine: in blender the following and mix on high speed f
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