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Rebounding DVD - Sneider's Resistance Rebounding

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Rebounding DVD - Sneider's Resistance Rebounding
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Rebounding DVD - Sneider's Resistance Rebounding

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A Revolutionary new program which combines strength and cardio! A real time-saver!! The Sneiders are the owners and creators of this innovative fitness system on rebounders. Great for all ages and all fitness levels!

Strength, Cardio Fitness, Pilates, Yoga, Athletic Skills, and more.

1. Warmup with Montage - Easy warmup with the Big 4 as you view the montage.
2. Daily Dozen - The most complete total body fitness in less than 7 minutes.
3. Arms, Chest, & Shoulders - The most effective program for toned arms, good posture, and upper body strength.
4. Legs, Thighs, & Butt - The best program ever to shape and strengthen your lower body.
5. Box n' Bounce - A fun way to a lean toned body, excellent calore burner.
6. Flat Abs & Strong Back - New Pilates inspired moves (like Rock n' Roll) that will give you long lean muscles, core strength, and firm abs.
7. Flexibility Stretch - Easy yoga based stretches to increase flexibility and reduce stress.

Safe! Effective! Easy! Fun!

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Rebounding DVD - Sneider's Resistance Rebounding $24.99  

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