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Filter Pro Dehydrator

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Filter Pro Dehydrator
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Filter Pro Dehydrator

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The L'Equip Filter Pro Dehydrator is the most 'state of the art' dehydrator on the market today. The Filter Pro utilizes an exclusive washable fiber filter to remove the dust, pollen, pet hair or other debris that is drawn across your food in other dehydrators. With a digital temperature control and a built-in 24 hour timer, this dehydrator is built of the finest food grade plastics and is easy to use and clean.

Uniform, consistent drying. The L'EQUIP? Dehydrator captures the good taste of fresh fruits, vegetables and meats, because it dries food uniformly and consistently on every tray, even in corners. Fan is powerful and quiet-running. Opaque exterior blocks light to preserve nutrition.

Compact design: The Filter Pro dehydrator's rectangular design stores compactly. Each tray has 1.2 square feet of drying area, and you can add trays to a maximum of 20, for up to 12 square feet of drying. Measures 17" L x 11.75" W x 10.4" H (with 6 trays.)

Computer-controlled dehydrator analyzes dehydrator's temperature constantly to ensure a stable food drying environment, and the temperature is adjustable between 93 ° and 158 ° F. 530 watt heating element.

Dehydrator includes: 6 trays (2 deep, 4 regular), 6 mesh screens, 2 fruit leather sheets, 4 dish yogurt accessory and dehydrator guide.

Full 10-Year Manufacturer's Warranty on base, 1 year on trays, fruit trays, sheets, and yogurt cup.
Made in Korea.

Market leader in dehydration technology. Patented air filtration system. Stackable to 12 trays high. This durable unit has a "solid state" variable temperature control to ensure food dries uniformly and consistently. Digital displays make it easy


  • 6 Trays: 2 deep/ 4 regular
  • "Clean air flow" Filter
  • 6 Mesh Screens
  • 2 Fruit Leather Trays
  • 4 Yogurt Cups
  • Instruction Book with recipes


  • ?Clean Air? Filtration System
  • 530 Watts
  • Solid State Variable Temperature Control
  • Micro-processor Controlled Heat Sensor (98F to 158F)
  • Digital LED time and temperature Display
  • Range: 95 to 158 Degrees F
  • 24 Hour, Auto Shut Off timer
  • 1.2 sq. feet drying space per tray. Stacks to 12 trays
  • Easy to clean and use
  • ETL Certified for USA and Canada


Drying fruits, vegetables, jerky, and spices at home is economical and allows you to enjoy healthy snacks year round. Foods are dried without preservatives, and have concentrated flavors. Foods purchased in peak season can be dried and stored for full vitamin intake. Kids love the nutrition from fun snacks like fruit or yogurt roll-ups.


  • Box Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 15h
  • 15 lbs

Item Name Price
Filter Pro Dehydrator $169.99  
COMPANION ITEM  [click on item name for more info]
How To Dry Foods Easily' Book $14.99    
Filter Pro Yogurt Cups $8.99    
Filter Pro Dehydrator Trays $24.99    
Filter Pro Deep Tray Set $29.99    
Filter Pro Air Filter $8.99    
Nesco Jerky Works $20.99    
Nesco Large Jerky Works Kit $19.95    

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