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Magic Mill III

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Magic Mill III
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Magic Mill III
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Note: Manufacture of this mill has been permanently discontinued. Parts are still available. May we recommend the K-Tec, Nutrimill or Wonder mill with the same milling mechanism.

When ordering parts
please verify if your mill is a II or III

Note: The two piece separator cup for the Magic Mill II is no longer available. The only one that is available is 4 3/4 inches long. Make sure this will fit you mill before ordering.

Click here for parts for the Magic Mill 2 and 3

Download a scaned copy of the Magic Mill III owners manual

Made in the USA
- Lightweight and portable ­ weighs only 8 pounds
- Save money on all your baked goods
- Six texture settings from coarse to pastry fine
- Patented "cool-milling" process preserves nutrients
- High-speed, self cleaning milling heads
- The home flour mill leader for over 25 years
- 5 year warranty (lifetime on milling heads)

The Magic Mill III Plus home flour mill is an easy-to-use kitchen appliance designed to mill dried grains, beans and rice into flour in the convenience of your own home. A home flour mill has become an absolute must because commercial millers remove 30% of the wheat kernel (including the most nutritious part of the grain) in order to produce white flour. They remove the bran and the wheat germ and attempt to re-enrich the flour by adding back a few nutrients. The trouble is, ninety percent of the nutritional value of a wheat berry or kernel is contained in the wheat germ.

Everyone loves the taste of homemade bread, but few people realize how much better homemade bread is when made with freshly-ground flour. Flour which is freshly milled at home contains an entire complement of B vitamins and is rich in Vitamin E. This flour also contains the fiber which is essential in human nutrition. Also, freshly milled flour has an incredibly smooth and delightful flavor.

Give yourself and your family the best in nutrition and the best in taste. Give them the important nutritional benefits that only the Magic Mill III Plus home flour mill can provide.


- Mills 1.2 pounds of totally fresh, low-temperature flour per minute.
- Powerful and efficient 1 3/4 HP, 10 amp motor.
- Patented Micro Milling heads, made of the highest quality stainless steel, rotate at a speed of 28,000 rpm. (see fig 1)
- Equipped with a 19-cup capacity surgical stainless steel flour pan
- Large, six-cup capacity grain hopper.
- Child-safety shield over the milling heads does not allow the heads to be touched while the machine is in operation.
- UL listed and CSA certified
- Weighs only 8.5 pounds and a storage height of just 6"
- Compact size: Height - 9 5/16", Width - 9 1/4", Length 11 1/4"

- The fastest mill available on the market
- The best selling micronizing mill in the world for over 20 years.
- Each mill is quality tested for 45 minutes before it leaves our factory
- Features a patented pre-cracking milling head that increases mill head durability and assists in milling hard or difficult grains.
- The base-to-weight ratio provides greater stability than other mills.
- The grain inlet shields and prevents grain kickback.
- The seal between the machine and the flour pan is permanent and tight fitting. Benefits
- Magic Mill Products & Appliances, the world's largest distributor of home flour mills, introduced its first home flour mill in 1973.
- Comes with a very detailed, comprehensive instruction manual.
- Manufactured for over 25 years by a solid, established company.
- Equipped with high-speed, self-cleaning heads.
- Automatic flour pan locks keep the flour in the pan and not on your kitchen counter.

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