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KoMo Graineries

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KoMo Graineries
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KoMo Graineries

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KoMo Granaries Chamber: The ideal household grain storage solution for every natural foods kitchen. User-friendly KoMo granaries are convenient, easy to maintain, and attractive. A KoMo granary allows you to remove just the amount of grain you need via the stainless steel slide, and the convex viewing panes always show just how much grain you have at ready access. KoMo granaries are built with furniture grade beech plywood, which is sustainably harvested and formaldehyde-free. Mounting brackets are provided (mount spacing is 10" apart )

Multiple Possibilities: Each chamber stores ten pounds of product (based on the density of wheat), and in multi-chamber models, each chamber is separated internally from the other chamber(s). KoMo granaries are suitable for any dry, non-oily, and flowable product. Warranted by KoMo for two years.

Technical Specs KoMo Granaries Three Chamber
Capacity (if density = wheat) 30 lb
Dimensions (H x D x W) 20 x 5.7 x 16

Item Name Price
KoMo Graineries $219.00  

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