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Marga Oat Roller

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Marga Oat Roller
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Marga Oat Roller

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This is a new concept roller flake mill with which it is possible to quickly prepare excellent fresh cereal flakes such as OATS, WHEAT, RYE and BARLEY, or good flour from organic wheat, rye, rice, barley, oats, or other grains.

This hand cranked mill is easy to use, clean and store. It is wonderful for rolling your own organic whole oats for the BEST FLAVOR in a nutritious breakfast, wonderful oatmeal cookies, or oat bread. There are three settings to vary the size of the finished milled grain.

This is the original Italian made oat roller and not the China knockoff.

The newly enhanced Marga Mulino Grain Mill by Marcato has textured rollers of a new light alloy material that releases absolutely no metal residue. The grain product made is totally pure. (While it was not a large problem in general in the past, there was always the chance of flaking with nickel-plated rollers.)

Beautiful and completely safe because it is the only Grain Mill totally produced with materials which do not release any harmful metallic residue. Made entirely in Italy by MARCATO S.p.A. Patented and Guaranteed Worldwide.

3 Year Warranty

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Marga Oat Roller $117.99  

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