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Z-Star Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

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Z-Star Manual Wheatgrass Juicer
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Z-Star Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

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Wheatgrass contains some of the highest concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients when compared to other fruits and vegetables. It is also one of nature's richest sources of chlorophyll and hundreds of other live enzymes. Until recently, obtaining the juice from this miracle plant required purchasing expensive juicers or making a trip to your local juice bar to buy a shot.

Now, with the new Z-Star Manual Juicer, Tribest makes it affordable to be able to juice wheatgrass at home, or on the go. Its unique single-auger design uses an extremely gentle and efficient process to extract more high-quality juice from each blade of wheatgrass - without electric power. Not only can it juice wheatgrass, the Z-Star Manual Juicer can also extract great-tasting and nutritious juice from a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. The Z-Star Manual Juicer is lightweight, portable, and versatile, so you can enjoy fresh juice wherever you go!


The Z-Star Manual Juicer is a single gear manual juicer. Just like the motorized one-gear juicers, the Z-Star will do wheat grass as well as other grasses, vegetables and fruits. An excellent choice for the beginning juicer or for traveling. This juicer has all the same parts as the motorized one-gear juicers. The heavy duty cast aluminum base and clamp can also be used with most other manufacturers juicing head. The padded base clamps to the edge of any cabinet or table with a lip under 2 inches thick.


Package Dimensions: 13" x 11.5" x 5"

Weight: 6.5 lbs.

Warranty: 1 year

Item Name Price
Z-Star Manual Wheatgrass Juicer $99.00  

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