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Bosch Universal Plus Mixer Sale

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Bosch Universal Plus Mixer Sale
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Bosch Universal Plus Mixer Sale

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Sale Price: $389.99

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Bosch Mixers are out of stock but should be available in June. We don't have an exact date but if you preorder your card is not charged until it is ready to ship. I will be glad to answer answer any questions.  Cell phone 903-790-1608  888-227-5395.  

Attachments Available
Cookie Paddles Citrus Juicer Blender
Batter Whips Flour Sifter Sausagge Stuffer
Stainless Bowl Berry Press Flake Mill
Meat Grinder Slicer Shredder Grain Mill
Noodle Press Food Processor Bowl Scraper

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Bosch Univeral Plus models come with Base, Makrilon Bowl, Splash Ring, Bowl Cover, Dough Hook, Wire Whips and whip holder and Demo CD.

The Bosch Universal Plus is the world's finest kitchen machine is ideal for those who prepare foods with quality as well a quantity in mind. Renowned for quality craftsmanship and performance, Bosch provides the latest state-of-the-art design advances for the Bosch Universal Plus. Your kitchen will be complete with this multi-function mixer and wide assortment of optional accessories and attachments. Superbly engineered to provide you with many years of service and cooking enjoyment.

    Summary of Improvements
  • 800 watt vs 700 watt
  • 4 speed vs 3 speed
  • slower low speed
  • higher high speed
  • lipped bowl
  • suction feet to prevent sliding
  • greater blender power & speed
  • extended life and reliablilty (which was already great)

Bosch's new Universal Plus Kitchen Machine brings increased performance to the kitchen counter.

With one of the most powerful motors in its class, a remarkably quiet and efficient 800-watts of power, the Universal Plus is capable of delivering precise results for the most intricate recipes. It offers a wide range of 4 speed settings, plus a pulse function, that is all accessible via an easy-to-use knob and can tackle any cooking preparation need.

In addition, the kitchen machine's advanced bottom-drive automatic transmission extends the motor's life by 4 times, resulting in one of the longest life spans for kitchen machines in the world and ensuring the Universal Plus will be around to aid chefs for years to come.

The Universal Plus Kitchen Machine debuts an all-new modern design, making it as stylish as it is useful. A European-inspired base complemented with smoke grey metallic elements perfectly complements the Universal Plus' design.

No task is too big, or too small, with the large and easy-to-grip 6.5 quart bowl. From a single egg white whipped to perfection to kneading over 15 pounds of bread dough, the Universal Plus can handle it all, while suction feet built into the base of the unit offers maximum stability while in use.

Offering the ultimate in versatility, the Universal Plus is compatible with a wide assortment of accessories, including accessories from the existing MUM6 Kitchen Machine Series. Whether you need a meat grinder, food processor, blender, or even a juicer, the Universal Plus is a multi-function kitchen machine. Cleaning is just as easy as preparing food, with removable dishwasher safe parts and accessories.

MUM6N10UC Includes: 4 Speed Base, Makrilon Bowl, Splash ring, Lid, Dough Hook, Whip Drive and Whips.

Bread Recipe

Blender Pancakes

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See a YouTube video demonstration at the 'more information' link below

Item Name Price
Bosch Universal Plus Mixer Sale $389.99 $389.99

COMPANION ITEM  [click on item name for more info]
Wire Whips $13.99    
Universal Plus Plastic Bowl $104.99    
Slicing disc for Slicer-Shredder $23.99    
Slicer-Shredder $119.99    
S/S Bowl (fits Universal Plus) $139.99    
Noodle Attachment (meat grinder) $199.99    
Julienne Disc for Slicer Shredder $24.99    
Grating Attachment (meat grinder) $43.99    
French Fry disc for Slicer-Shredder $19.99    
Food Processor $109.00    
Food & Meat Grinder (fits all Universals) $145.99    
Flour Sifter - (fits Universal Plus) $89.99    
Fine Grating Disc for Slicer Shredder $15.99    
Cookie Paddles w Metal Whip Driver $34.99    
Cookie Paddles $22.99    
Coarse Grating Disc for Slicer Shredder $18.99    
Citrus Juicer $25.99    
Bosch Universal Plus Bowl Scraper $29.99    
Blender Complete (fits Universal Plus) $79.00    
Berry Press attachment (meat grinder) $109.99    
Batter Whisks $20.00    

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Alaskan Oatmeal Bread
Combine in Bosch mixing bowl and let set about 5 minutes.
Alaskan Oatmeal Bread
Blender Pancakes
Combine: in blender the following and mix on high speed f
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